Friday Fun

Friday is the day you are at work, but all you are thinking about is the weekend and what you are going to do! What new recipe your going to make, where you want to go shopping,  or maybe what trail you want to try. My friday posts will be fun and show my personality by being either articles I like, new products, clothes, etc!

~The Food Network has a great blog on their website called Healthy Eats, where if you know @tobyamidor is a regular blogger. Today’s post is all about “diet” injections one particularly interesting is the HCG diet. Bottom line I got from the article: The HCG program forces women and men to adhere to a 500 calorie a day diet along with the hormone injections. Yes, this will make people lose extreme weight, but in the end this diet sets them up for disaster. How can anyone consistently follow a 500 calorie diet and not be hungry?That is my opinion. Do any of you know anyone on the HCG diet?

~If if you haven’t tried a Cutie this season, I highly suggest you do. These California Clementines are easy to peel, portable, and deliciously sweet.

Nutrition Facts: 1 Cutie= 47 calories, ~2 gm fiber, and 59% of your DRV for Vitamin C.

~Brooks running shoes are in my opinion the best out there for all types of runners/walkers. Last weekend, I got tested at Runner Revolution (in Campbell) for the best running shoes for me. I had this done prior to my last shoes but in Portland so I decided to re-test. I learned the first time that I am  a 11 1/2 in Brooks shoes and I also need special support so I do not roll my knee in. If you have not been tested and specially fitted for running shoes, I highly suggest you do!

Brooks Adrenaline is what I will be picking up this weekend. : )

~The fashion trend I am loving is colored jeans! So fun and you can wear neutrals on top and pop with a bright colored jean. The pick I want the most: Green Jeans. 

Anna Kendrick rocking green jeans. Do you like the green?

What is on your mind this Friday??

UPDATE: These are the shoes I got. I prayed for the pink ones to be the ones they ordered and that is what happened.


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