Turkey Vegetable Meatloaf Cups with a Cheesy Surprise

I didn’t know reduced fat cheese could be good, until I tried Cabot Creamery cheese. For my day job, I work with clients who are on very high protein, low carbohydrate diet so I am trying to come up with different recipes to help keep them satisfied. These veggie meatloaf cups are packed with protein and vegetables, and are very low fat and carbohydrates. An added plus is they are also super easy to make!

This recipe is not your Grandma’s meatloaf recipe. I use extra lean white meat turkey, vegetables, fabulous allium flavors, and reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese. No ketchup. Period.

I chose to use 75% Reduced Fat Cabot Creamery Sharp Cheddar cheese for my cheese of choice, but they also have a 50% Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar cheese as well. This cheese has the same great taste and melting qualities of a high fat cheese without the added calories.


-1 cup finely chopped onion

-1/2 cup finely chopped orange bell pepper

-7 finely chopped Shitake mushrooms

-1 tsp salt

-1/2 tsp black pepper

-few shots of Tabasco

-1 cup almond meal (instead of bread crumbs)

-2 eggs (lightly beaten)

-1 1/4 pound ground turkey (lean, white turkey meat)

-Cabot Creamery 75% Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar Cheese, cut into 1 oz cubes

-1/4 cup tomato sauce


-Preheat oven to 375F. Spray a muffin tray with Pam non-stick spray.

-Place all ingredients (except cheese and sauce) in a large bowl. Mix gradually with your hands, trying not to over mix.

-Using a ice cream scooper, place 2-3 ounces of meatloaf mix in the muffin tins. Add one (1 oz.) cube of cheese on each cup and push down. Add one teaspoon full of tomato sauce on top.

-Bake for 20 minutes and let stand for 5.

*I received free samples from Cabot Creamery of the cheese and giveaway items mentioned in this post. By posting this recipe I am entering a recipe contest sponsored by Cabot Creamery Cooperative and am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. I was not compensated for my time.*

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One lucky reader that is the first to comment will receive a coupon for free Cabot Creamery Reduced Fat cheese.

To a Happy, Healthy New You!


3 responses to “Turkey Vegetable Meatloaf Cups with a Cheesy Surprise

  1. love how you used almond meal instead of breadcrumbs. sounds yum!

  2. Ya know, I’ve never been a huge fan of meatloaf but this version I would try in a heartbeat (I also love mushrooms 🙂

  3. Awesome recipe 🙂 I’m a big fan.
    Here’s a tasty meatloaf recipe you might like to try.
    Thanks for sharing.

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